Limden Vineyard, gracefully situated in the picturesque High Weald of East Sussex, is a testament to the harmony between nature and the winemaker’s art. The vineyard is a lush canvas of 2,500 vines, each one rooted in the nutrient-rich blend of clay and loam soil, thriving under the nurturing South-facing sun.

Here, winemaking is an art form, steeped in tradition. Every task, from pruning the vines to managing the canopy, from selecting leaves to thinning the grape bunches, is performed with meticulous care by hand. This dedication ensures that the grapes are not just grown, but are nurtured, infusing them with the rich flavors and character of the land.

The wines from Limden are a testament to this intimate, hands-on approach. Each bottle captures the essence of the vineyard’s meticulous care, the richness of the soil, and the unique climate of the High Weald, showcasing the distinct identity of Sussex vineyards.

Drinking wine from Limden is more than a simple pleasure; it’s a journey through the flavors and the loving craftsmanship that define this quaint Sussex estate. Limden Vineyard is a celebration of nature’s bounty, traditional winemaking, and the joy of a glass filled with the spirit of East Sussex.


James Le Bouëdec, with a rich Anglo-French heritage, has not just studied wine management; he’s immersed himself in it, gathering knowledge and expertise from top institutions in the UK, France, and the USA. But of all the places he’s been, it was the tranquil beauty and the rolling landscapes of East Sussex that captured his heart and inspired him to make Ticehurst his home.

In Ticehurst, James has found the perfect terroir to cultivate his vision of winemaking. Here, he crafts wines that are the very essence of a British summer – fresh, crisp, and delightfully dry. Each bottle encapsulates the gentle warmth of the sun and the cool breeze of the countryside, making them perfect companions for relaxed sipping on a sunny afternoon or a balmy evening.


But James’s passion doesn’t end with winemaking. He has a profound appreciation for art, a passion that intertwines beautifully with his vocation. In a unique fusion of local culture and winemaking, James collaborates with local artists, transforming each wine label into a piece of art. These labels not only adorn the bottles but also tell stories, celebrate local talent, and add an aesthetic charm that makes each bottle uniquely special.

Through his work, James brings together the best of the natural beauty of East Sussex, the community’s artistic talent, and his own winemaking prowess. His wines are more than just a drink; they are a tribute to the land, the people, and the art that make the region unique, offering a holistic experience that delights the palate and the soul.

This year’s vintage is by the talented Jessica Chapman whose abstract figurative oil painting captures the topography of Ticehurst.



Introducing the newest creation from Limden Vineyard: a refined blend that skilfully combines the best of the Pinot family with a hint of Chardonnay, further enriched by a select grape variety from our friends at Carr Taylor.

This blend is a symphony of four distinguished grapes from the rich soils of East Sussex: the elegant Pinot Gris, the robust Pinot Noir, the classic Chardonnay, and the unique Schonberger. Together, they craft a dry white wine that resonates with subtle undertones of gooseberry and apple, presenting a composition that is as complex as it is balanced.

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